Read carefully before you book an appointment :

(1) Your full name & sometimes your date of birth is required. Sometimes other details may be asked, if they pertain to your question.

(2) Reading is done only for a single person at a time. No other person is allowed to join in for privacy & confidentiality reasons. Do not book a reading on behalf of some other family member or friend.

(3) In a single question reading, only one question is analysed and interpreted in detail in 20 minutes. Your single question needs to be clear, precise, specific and based on your present priority. The Energy Exchange is Rs 2000 inclusive of 18% GST.

(4) For few single question readings, recorded WhatsApp messages are sent and the other single question readings take place over the telephone. Reading does not take place on WhatsApp video or Zoom call.

(5) One hour reading for 3 specific questions is done only over the telephone. The Energy Exchange for 60 minutes is Rs 6000 inclusive of 18% GST.

(6) Calls, Messages & WhatsApp chats are strictly not entertained or allowed after your reading is completed.

(7) My work is done once your reading session is complete. For any further questions or discussions later, you need to book a fresh appointment.

(8) Any further deeper steps or tools for guidance or healing, if required, are available through workshops, personal life coaching sessions and healing retreats.

(9) IMPS or NEFT is the preferred mode of payment. Kindly DO NOT DEPOSIT cash directly in the account. Account details are in the bank box below. Your appointment is confirmed within 2 to 4 working days after your payment.

“Only NOW defines who I AM NOW !”

Wouldn’t Right Now Be A Good Time To Discover Your Vision & Purpose ?

Many people live in an illusion that they are living a meaningful life. Sometimes the lines between illusion and intuition get blurred and overlapped. Are you willing to differentiate clearly between your illusion and your intuition ?

Schedule a Vision & Purpose Session with Kalyaan Kumar Jain.

Just fix up a session and be willing to define and describe your vision and live your purpose (these are based on intuition) and emphatically intend that this Vision & Purpose Session the one that is going to provide you the necessary steps.

If you are ready to do this, please do some homework to determine your wishes and desires specifically (as they are based on illusion) so we have some focus and sharpness to work towards. We get more done when you’re somewhat prepared.

Investment :
Rs 17,700 for a 3 hour session.
(inclusive of 18%GST)

This is session is only facilitated in the coffee shop of a 5 star hotel in your city.