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Welcome to your different Angel Tarot Card Reading sessions – a space of receiving guidance from the Unknown to empower and heal the known.

Actor Shekhar Suman talks about his experience of Card Readings & Spiritual Coaching.

(1) Receiving valuable Angelic information, feedback and guidance at crucial moments in Life is very beneficial and helpful for all your daily life issues like :
foreign travel
personal life matters
professional satisfaction
children’s studies
beginning new business, etc.

Now, if you are new to this modality or methodology of Angelic Guidance, this is the right time to CLICK HERE and know about it. Yes, it involves reading with concentration !

(2) How does a personal reading session help you ?
1. It benefits you to become aware about exactly what kind of guidance and healing choices are required for you at this point in your life.
2. You receive guided handholding and step by step spiritual clarity which enhances your sense of purpose in life and awakens you to awareness in other aspects.

(3) What kinds or types of topics or issues or questions are covered in the readings ?
Different types of private, confidential and personal CARD READINGS are mentioned below :

Moon Reading
Money Reading
Health Readings
Work & Career Reading
Loan & Debt Reading
Relationship Reading
Loan & Dispute
Colour Energy Reading
Life purpose reading
Death & Grif Resolution Readings
Akashic Readings Click on the image to know more.

(4) How can you communicate once your reading appointment is complete ?
As a very strict protocol, NO WhatsApp chats or formation of groups or discussions or messages or phone calls are entertained once your reading is complete to maintain your privacy and confidentiality and the sanctity of your Angelic Guidance.
You can always book your next appointment as and when more guidance and clarity is required by you.

(5) What happens after your reading is complete ?
Once your reading is done and the guidance is provided to you, my work is done.
And your work begins from that time. Many times your :
thoughts (mind)
feelings (body)
emotions (heart)
karma (soul)
do not match and things do not happen as planned or guided.
Many times what you think, what you feel and what you do are totally different.
But that does not mean that the Angelic Guidance you received or experienced is wrong. It simply means you may be lacking the determination, the power, the conviction, the belief, the faith, the trust, the dedication, the choices and the commitment to create a better version of your life.
It is always better to look within and ask yourself,  “What is this situation trying to tell me about myself ?”

(6) What if you need more strength and help to deal with core emotional issues ?
At different points in times you may feel the need for more stronger and emotional support.
For this a few sessions of Spiritual Life Coaching are suggested as they help you during delicate, doubtful, sensitive and weak periods in your life.

(7) How do other energy factors affect you ?
Do understand that the energies of your planets change every month and the moods of the moon (feminine energy) change every 15 days.
There are thousands of people practicing spirituality every day to transform their lives. This journey is very beneficial only for those who are able to dedicate daily inner growth work and improvement time.
(Even 15 minutes daily is a good enough start anytime once in a cycle of 24 hours.)
All that you understand, learn, practice, or train yourself in, is a highly spiritual and metaphysical INNER WORK process which is slow and steady and helps you win finally with love and peace.

Kindly note :
1. All charges (energy exchange) are inclusive of taxes.
2. Readings are either telephonic or in-person.
3. Only one person is allowed per session.
4. Your appointment is confirmed only after receiving your full payment.
5. The required spiritual tools for you to work on are provided to you on WhatsApp after your session is complete.

Energy Exchange for your potent & powerful personal card readings :
(1) Express – 15 minutes – 2400
Only for an urgent, pressing, pressurising, chronic issue which needs immediate attention and guidance from your Angels is just so compulsory at that point in time. One single question whose answer is so imminent that you are unable to move forward without consulting your Guardian Angels.
A few Examples :
1. You are applying for a loan and need to know the best institution as per your energies.
2. You are purchasing/selling a house or renting it out & need to know whether the opposite party has favorable energies throughout the deal.
Appointment is usually confirmed within 2-3 hours on the same day.

(2) Short – 31 minutes – 4600
Two confusing questions, factors, risks involved you need to take into consideration while taking a very important decision in your life.
A few examples :
1. Should I travel to this place for this deal with this person ? If yes, any other guidance, precautions ?
2. Choosing a marriage proposal from a few and taking informed guidance from your Angels.
3. You are supposed to be signing a television series or a film on that day and need to know if it is meant for you.
4. You need to know the best car/vehicle and its colour and you are already in the showroom to book it.
Appointment is usually confirmed within 3-4 hours on the same day.

(3) Medium – 46 minutes – 7300
A longer session requiring several methodologies to gain clarity and provide handholding to you over long pending issues like job changes, relocation to a new city, travelling abroad, shifting, adoption of pets & children, a health issue or a start up / stuck project or a joint venture.
3 difficult issues can be conveniently & carefully sorted out in this session through timely Angelic protection.
Appointment is usually confirmed within 36 to 48 hours.

(4) Regular – 60 minutes – 10,000
An hour of Angelic help, support and guidance that takes into account 4 very complex questions regarding long standing legal disputes, separation processes, severe health problems, chronic relationships patterns, damaging or discouraging financial matters or debts, property matters, etc.
Appointment is usually confirmed after 48 hours.

Appointments schedule :
11am to 7pm

Kindly connect with the Office Manager Raj on 9136708066 or Office Assistant Sachin on 9136022793 to book and confirm all your sessions.

Payment box

To avoid the convenience fees, you can directly transfer in the Current Account mentioned above by IMPS or NEFT.