How these Online Trainings work :
✅ Lessons drop in the 1st week of every month in your Member’s Circle Account.
✅ Complete them at your own pace through the month.
✅ Submit the required assignments and worksheets for that month.
✅ Practice the steps and instructions as clearly as specified.
✅ Submit your doubts and questions by email every month.
✅ You own your course for a lifetime, so you can refresh your skills whenever you feel to.

What you receive per month :
✅ Six to Ten modules of the month’s topics & lessons.
✅ Practical video options with subtitles to practice anywhere, anytime.
✅ Downloadable worksheets and lesson plan PDF.
✅ Attunements or Meditations to be saved and practiced.
✅ Weekly reminders, tips, tools, guidance and support through email only.
✅ Track record of your progress made through the course leading to your certification.

Terms & Conditions :
✅ One introductory orientation call is compulsory before you sign up for the course. It may take upto 2 hours. It is like an interview.
✅ Thereafter, one call per month (15 to 20 minutes) is allowed & optional.
✅ Anytime WhatsApp calls or chats are not allowed at all in online trainings.
✅ Depending on the syllabus (curriculum) these trainings are paced between 1 month to 10 months.
✅ When you call for the introductory orientation call, you can get clarity on the length, space, time and investment of the particular course.

🤝 For course syllabus and all other details and information, directly schedule a call on 9320010301.

🤔 This is your introductory orientation call to gauge whether these courses are a good fit for you or not.