For a one time Full Moon healing :
✅ Instructions are sent only on WhatsApp.
✅ Full name and date of birth required.
✅ It’s customized as per your date of birth.
✅ Rs 600 for the set of instructions.
✅ IMPS or NEFT preferable.
✅ Convenience charges on Instamojo.
✅ Do not deposit cash in account.
✅ WhatsApp me after the payment.
✅ If it is your first healing experience, you can call ONLY ONCE to understand the process.
✅ After that you are expected to follow the instructions.
✅ No WhatsApp chats or calls are allowed afterwards.
✅ Details are sent 24 hours before the Full Moon with a proper set of instructions to be followed.
✅ Energy Exchange is only for one Full Moon of the present month.
✅ For the next one, you need to pay separately the next month.