This is what I do…

“I teach, coach and empower people by giving them the responsibility of their own freedom… sometimes for the first time.”

— Kalyaan Kumar Jain

I AM a Teacher, Trainer, Life Coach and Retreat Specialist.

I empower the Known (You) through Guidance from the Unknown (Life).

I follow the ACP Model of Guidance which deals with Creating Awareness (Past), Finding Clarity (Present) & Living Your Purpose (Future).

I handhold and support you to create that Sacred space within you from where you can strengthen yourself and initiate transformation in your own time and space.

I create independence for you so that you connect with Your Source Of Life and thus dissolve all your patterns of dependence.

At present, I am personally providing a world class coaching and mentoring experience to a majority of television and film celebrities in India with complete privacy and confidentiality.

I divide my time between Bengaluru & Mumbai and travel all over India conducting workshops, retreats, trainings and personal sessions.