My work with Angels and myself in the field of Spiritual Life Coaching is spot on. I have spent 11 years building it as a boutique world class experience.

I AM word-of-mouth.

I AM expensive.

I AM exclusive.

And I AM definitely not for everyone.

I love the uniquely British word “bespoke.”

Tailor-made is when you take something generic and make it a bit more personal.

Bespoke is when you create something extraordinarily personal for an individual client.

And I curate a personal & exclusive home or office visit in any part of India for a single person (YOU) for a 6 hour face to face mindful & awareness creating session.

This investment is in your own life by yourself. You invest Rs 1,18,000 in your life. (inclusive of 18% GST)

You invite me into your private space with the full payment in advance. I book my own flight tickets, hotel room, etc and travel to your abode. We spend 6 full hours together working on you and your life. And you experience world class Angelic Guidance and Spiritual Life Coaching supporting you to take your life to the next level.