Details of appointments, services & visits for home (personal) OR office (business) Energy Empowerment Package.

(1) The first session of Energy Reading is for yourself. This is a personal/telephonic appointment.

(2) The first personal visit is for your home/office. This is an introductory visit to understand your questions and collect information.

(3) The second visit is for Colour Coding & Energy Empowerment Grid for your home/office.

(4) The second session is for Energy Empowerment Grid for yourself as the owner of the home/business.

(5) The final colour, energy, number, personal/office/business/job/work reading is for yourself.

(6) The final home/office visit is to ground energies and balance frequencies for health, joy, peace, awareness, prosperity and evolution.

Details :
1 introductory session
1 introductory visit
1 change session
1 change visit
1 final session
1 final visit

All sessions and visits are approximately for an hour.

Guidance points provided for home/office & personal/business :
Business/Personal Name
Business Logo
Home/Office Colour Coding
Home/Office Number Coding
Visiting Card, Stationery, etc
Best Self mobile numbers
Best Business/Work numbers
Powerful personal vehicles
Profitable business vehicles
Personal Bank Account
Business Bank Account
Home/Office Number Coding
Furniture Guidance
Best dates
Business/Work/Job Affirmations
Name plate design
Cash box grid & coding
Business/Job/Work Reading
Colour Readings
Energy Readings
Best landline numbers
Productive staff tips
Meditation for self/business
Meditation for home/office

Please note : Above list is just an example of a generalized list. This is customized as per client’s needs. It may also include body and space scanning for better results.

The entire process is completed within 10 to 15 days from our side after your full payment is received.

Investment/Energy Exchange:
Rs 1,00,000 for either office or home of the client in Mumbai.

(2) Rs 1,27,000 in any other city. (Inclusive of travel & accommodation cost.)

Entire Energy Grid process is facilitated by both :
Reetta Kalyan Jain &
Kalyaan Kumar Jain.

Kindly Note :
Do realize that after all is said and done from our side (50% of your transformation) then your intentions, integrity, karma, efforts, energy, decision taking capacity and action executing abilities matter for the remaining 50% of your results and benefits.

Angel blessings !

To avoid any convenience fees, you can directly transfer in the Current Account mentioned above by IMPS or NEFT.