(1) What is the DAILY ANGEL CARD and how does it work ?
✅ Once you register, you receive a DAILY ANGEL CARD handpicked by me based on your name personally and exclusively for you.
✅ This card contains a message or a lesson or an insight for you from your Angels or Spirit Guides or Archangels or Guardian Angels or The Universe or from Life itself.

(2) What do you need to do ?
✅ You can read, see and glance at your card several times in the day to feel its frequencies.
✅ You can write the message in your journal and contemplate on it.
✅ Practice the affirmation, if any, on the card by reciting it orally or in writing. Minimum 15 times.

(3) Benefits of the DAILY ANGEL CARD :
✅ Since it is based on your own personal name, it becomes your own personal single card reading for the day.
✅ You feel confident, strong, protected and guided by the Angels so your day becomes easy and effective.
✅ The message helps you to be aware and mindful and hence you feel more in charge throughout the day.

(4) Terms & Conditions :
✅ No questions or WhatsApp chats allowed at all in this daily healing process.
✅ No calls or messages are allowed for any discussion on your card.

(5) When & How do you receive ?
✅ You receive your card on WhatsApp between 6am to 10am.
✅ Mondays are holidays – so there is no card for Monday.

(6) Investment/Energy Exchange :
The EE is Rs 1500 for per month.
It is inclusive of 18% GST.

(7) Payment details :
✅ The account details for IMPS or NEFT are in the bank box below.
✅ IMPS or NEFT is preferable for payment.
✅ Kindly avoid depositing cash in the account.
✅ WhatsApp me as soon as you make your payment.